Aroma Indian Restaurant & Lounge

16 Jan

IMG-20120111-00341C.M. Bhatt, owner of Aroma Indian Restaurant & Lounge

This restaurant, located in Port Moody, is really exceptional. The owner, C.M. Bhatt, takes regular trips to India and is constantly improving his already delicious recipes.

Aroma was previously located in Port Coquitlam. The new location is much larger and nicer inside.

The most popular dishes are tandoori prawns and butter chicken.

I went to Aroma (it was my first time at the new location, although I did go to the Port Coquitlam location several times) on January 11th.

My appy was a chicken kabab, not on the menu, which I had on the recommendation of the owner. I thought, wow, big deal, a kabab…imagining a skewer/satay type of thing with the boring non-descript chicken with some kind of dip. But no…it was really amazing…spices and flavours mixing together in what was really more a sausage than a chunk of meat.

I also had butter chicken, which was…butter chicken. Not mind-blowing, despite its best-seller status. But tasty, of course.

I much prefer the korma or the vindaloo.

Oh, and naan bread…I was in the mood for spinach naan, and it didn’t disappoint.

My favourite dish at Aroma is the palak paneer. This is chunks of homemade cheese cooked in a sauce of spinach, onions and ginger.

Definitely worth checking out. Btw, you can recognize the owner — he’ll be the one wearing the little hat.

50 Queens Street, Port Moody, B.C., 604-917-0150

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